Teach English in Changlai Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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Unit 2 discusses parts of speech in the English language. It introduces complex grammar concepts and sentence structure. Nouns (people, places, things, states, etc.) function as the subjects as well as the objects in English sentences. Nouns may be modified by adjectives, which give more detailed context as to their nature such as size, type, age and so on. Adjectives may be used to directly compare 2 or more nouns or to modify a single noun on its own. Articles function to describe nouns from a group in the form of an indefinite such as the use of a or an, or to differentiate a specific noun(s) in the form of the definite through the use of the. Verbs provide the action of a sentence, whether being transitive verbs with a direct object, or intransitive verbs without the necessity for a direct object to describe the action. The infinitive form of a verb is its base form in English. Adverbs are used to modify verbs and provide further context to the nature of their actions. The gerund form of a verb is its -ing form and is used to change the verb into a noun. Pronouns such as I, you, he, she, it and they are used in place of more specific identifying nouns. Possessive pronouns function to imply possession of another noun in the sentence. Possessive adjective serve the same purpose, but sentences involving them are structured differently. Preposition display a relationship between the subject performing the action of the sentence and the object of that action. Conjunction serve to group words within a sentence or to conjoin separate clauses together to form a single coherent sentence.