Teach English in Chongyang Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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This unit combines how to manage not only the students, but also yourself as a teacher and your surroundings. First of all the teacher must be aware of the potential of the classroom: What kind of arrangements could be done, if would it be possible to work in groups and so on. The teacher must get to know the students and the dynamics of the group to make the best choices in presenting and preparing the lesson, organising eventual pair or group work. The students also must be familiar with the teacher : they must feel comfortable in his presence, look up at him as an example, not only for the language but, also as a person. Students must feel cared for and, especially for the younger ones, the teacher might represent something close to a parental figure, which must be respected but not feared. A positive attitude and good work ethics will get the students to trust the teacher and will also help avoiding problems inside the class and with the student?s parents. To create a comfortable environment the students must respect the teacher and get to know each other. In order to do so, group and pair work is very helpful : the fact that everyone is speaking a new language at the same level and they are trying to explain something about themselves, makes it easier for people to bond. From the educational point of view the group or pair work itself, is a great way to offer a high student talking time. Since the student?s practice is the priority, it is important that the teacher, while explaining, uses simple ways to express himself to keep a he's talking time at the lowest.