Teach English in Dayuan Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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Unit 15 deals with evaluation and testing as a common practice for most of the teachers. It divides the ways of assessing the students? English skills in tutorials, evaluations by the students and tests. The first ones are mostly informal or semi-informal ways to understand students? issues. They are conducted in the classroom taking a part of the lesson or just after it. They might be marked, but their usage is mainly for the teacher to see the lacking points and have a better understanding of the whole situation. Evaluations by the students can be directed towards other students (peer evaluation), themselves (self-evaluation) or the teacher?s methodologies and the learning process itself. In all these cases they are aimed to raise students and teachers? awareness about lessons as a whole. On one hand, it allows the students to get more involved in their learning and take an active role. On the other, teachers can receive the students? comments and ideas to improve their lessons and address, in a better way, interest, learning styles and specific needs. Finally, tests can be conducted for a huge number of reasons: from testing the students? level before starting a course (placement and diagnostic tests), the performances during the course (progress tests) or at the conclusion of it (achievement tests). Lots of teachers deal with practice tests - when students get used to a certain external examination structures and get ready for it. External examinations are carried out for a different number of purposes by independent accredited institutions.