Teach English in Jixi Shi

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Teach English in Changqing XiAng, Jixi Shi
It is very eye opening to see the several areas of education that are more behind the scenes because as a former student myself, I really never paid attention to the different kinds of testing I would regularly be given
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Teach English in Didaohe XiAng, Jixi Shi
In this unit two videos are used to illustrate the differences between an effectively taught grammar lesson in an English language classroom and an ineffective lesson
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Teach English in Dongfeng Jiedao, Jixi Shi
A lesson can use a mix of different methodologies, but should begin with an engaging activity as a \"warm-up\" to get students talking and involved in the lesson content
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Teach English in Donghai Jiedao, Jixi Shi
In Lesson 8, rigorous reminders of all the usages of the present tenses were covered: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, including \"going to\" future, present simple, and present continuous tenses which also can be used to communicate future ideas
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Teach English in Fendou Jiedao, Jixi Shi
Before learning about all the different methodologies, I personally favoured the Communicative Language Teaching method based on my personal experience learning another language and private teaching lessons
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