Teach English in Huizhou Shi

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Teach English in Andun Zhen, Huizhou Shi
It's imperative to consider where most English learners come from--as Unit 3 pointed out, some learners who have the great opportunity to live in a predominately English speaking country have a huge advantage compared to their peers who are not
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Teach English in DayawAnaotou, Huizhou Shi
In this unit we learned about teaching special groups, such as teaching beginners, individual students, children, business English, and multi/monolingual classes
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Teach English in Futian Zhen, Huizhou Shi
The unit begins by introducing the tense system as a probable area of difficulty for students and even teachers and gives a logical explanation to why the course differs in number of tenses, twelve derived from three times ( the past, the present, and the future ), as opposed to just two tenses believed to exist by linguist; the present and the past
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Teach English in Henghe Zhen, Huizhou Shi
unit 4 is about the present tenses which can be divided into : Present simple tense ( subject+base form +(s/es)for the affirmative, (subject +auxiliary verb \"do\"+ not +base form ) for the negative and ( auxiliary verb \"do\" + subject +base form )For the question form
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Teach English in Hengli Zhen, Huizhou Shi
This unit covered in broad terms the parts of speech, how they are used, some common rules and insights into some of the challenges of teaching them, which will be many
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Teach English in Huiyang Jingji KAifAqu, Huizhou Shi
? There are 4 things that students need to do with new language: o Be exposed to it o Understand its meaning o Understand how it?s constructed o Be able to practice and produce it ? Use straight arrow approach with new vocabulary ? Use boomerang or patchwork ESA for functions-based lessons Teaching vocabulary What do students need to know? 1
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Teach English in Huizhoushi Linchang, Huizhou Shi
English uses a number of modal verbs, which add nuances of politeness, obligation, ability, possibility, advice, probability, and permission to a sentence when used in combination with a main lexical verb
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