Teach English in DayawAnaotou - Huizhou Shi

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In this unit we learned about teaching special groups, such as teaching beginners, individual students, children, business English, and multi/monolingual classes. These different groups need varied teaching styles, methods, and activities depending on the who (what age) is being taught, what their level of motivation, and whether you are teaching a whole class or one person. For example, teaching beginners in a group can be difficult because you can have all levels of a young beginner, adult beginner and a beginner without a Roman alphabet; this can pose a problem when they all have different difficulties. By having all these different levels, it can be much more difficult to cater to each student special needs rather than teaching a student individually. They're also cons to teaching students individually, as opposed to in a group, because the student does not have anyone with them to do certain group activities. Teaching business English is what I plan to do while abroad. While teaching business English, you can teach one on one, in-company group, or an in-school group of business people. These clients will likely be between their 20's to 50's and be highly motivated because their job or promotion depends on them learning English. There are also some cons to teaching business people; they are usually tired after a days work or really early in the morning before work. Also, attendance may be sporadic as they have other obligations within the business. Finally, as with any group, English levels of the class can vary from person to person so the teacher must recognize which students need the most help and in what specific course material. You can do this by figuring out what the students want out of the course and in the process, figuring out what they need. For example, a student may want to become good at giving presentations but in the process of talking to them, the teacher may figure out that the students actually needs a better grounding the the English language before we get to the presentation part. After initially testing the students English, a needs analysis can be done to figure everything above and more. I look forward to the challenge of teaching business English!