Teach English in Andun Zhen - Huizhou Shi

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It's imperative to consider where most English learners come from--as Unit 3 pointed out, some learners who have the great opportunity to live in a predominately English speaking country have a huge advantage compared to their peers who are not. Keeping this in mind, I have to consider my privileges and advantages of being born and raised in an English speaking country and how seemingly effortless it was for me to learn english throughout my youth. Now imagine being an adult attempting to acquire the same amount of English speaking proficiency but at a much later stage in your life! It can be quite challenging and understandably frustrating so it will be my role as an educator to simplify the learning process and make it as tolerable and fun as possible! There are so many methodologies and techniques for introducing and teaching the English language; how you utilize them in the classroom determines how well your students understand and retain the information presented. I enjoyed learning about the ESA (Engage, Study and Activate) method for introducing English to classrooms. When I started this course I was always curious as to \"how\" I would introduce English lessons and most of all: how would I make the material interesting for students! Unit 3 really assuages my anxiety for teaching English by going really in depth to the possible engaging activites that stimulate and introduce the students' learning as well as methods for when to intervene and how to properly correct the students. I think the lesson that stuck out for me the most was dealing with student self-correction and its importance for the teacher to not immediately \"jump-in\" when a student is attempting to learn English. As Unit 3 suggested, the teacher-student correction should be the last resort. After some self-reflection back to the times of my elementary school days, I remember the most engaging and memorable lessons were those that had little teacher intervention and more student \"self discovery\" (and that can apply to any subject, not just English)! I very much look forward to learning more about the English-teaching methodologies and am excited to apply and utilize some of these techniques in my own classroom someday!