Teach English in JiAngnan Jiedao - Huizhou Shi

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In this unit, I gained a lot of resources to help me create a great lesson plan. I also learned when to use certain resources and how to use them effectively. There are many advantages and disadvantages to using each resource. For example, the whiteboard is easy to use and only requires you to write legibly and plan where you are going to fit everything on the board; while the interactive whiteboard takes more practice to use. That being said, the regular whiteboard is limited to only writing, whereas, the interactive whiteboard can keep the students more engaged and show the them much more. Another example of this is the overhead projector (OHP). The OHP has many advantages such as, they can be used over and over again, unlike the whiteboard. The teacher can also pre-write the lesson and slowly uncover it as the lesson goes on. The OHP or the whiteboard would also be great for a backup plan if the interactive whiteboard should fail. There are many more examples of resources a teacher can use such as: Visual aids which can be used to help students put a picture to the vocabulary. The teacher can bring newspapers and magazines to class for authentic material. Worksheets is another example of a great resource, they are essential during the study stage. Although there are many more examples of resources a teacher can use, the last example I will use is video cameras. They can be used to record activities to play back to the the class. This will show the students their mistakes and what they may need to work on. It is also important that while using these resources, you use them effectively. For example, while using the interactive whiteboard, it is important to test it before class to make sure everything works. Also, make sure to have a backup plan if it does not work. Another example of using the resources effectively for overhead projectors is to plan and write out the lesson before class. Also, make sure to test the projector to make sure there is enough space for the overhead to project clearly. Similar things can be said about cassettes, CDs and DVDs so the teacher knows that they work and when to use, stop, rewind, and play the various materials.