Teach English in Baitang Zhen - Huizhou Shi

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Teachers have difficult jobs and should be prepared on the first day of class. A good impression to the students can alter their attitude to work with you in learning something new. Consequently, unit twenty covers information on various issues at the start of being a teacher for EFL (English as a Foreign Language). What I learned most from this unit is not everything is straight forward and there will be many obstacles in the way. However, there is a multitude of ways to prevent further difficulties with the students and the teacher. Establishing rapport with the students is one of the most important parts of teaching. This unit provides ways of establishing rapport on the first day of lessons by playing a game rather than a lesson. Afterwards, start using the lessons through a course book. Each lesson can also use warmers because no one wants to start with that boring morning lesson of the past perfect tense. Instead easing the students in a game will keep them entertained and energized for what is next. Another important key is that not everyone is an adaptable and advanced learner. Moreover, some will be able to learn modal verbs quickly while someone else might understand the passive voice. Therefore, it is important to have the students work with one another to help each other aside from learning straight from the teacher. This is especially true for larger classes. On another note, reluctant students can be difficult to work with. Although, when placed in a more active role with other students in games like role-playing to be more engaged rather than sitting in a chair for a long time. Audio texts should also be a concern for new teachers because it is one of the more important skills for their future. It is important to go over the vocabulary beforehand as well as slow down the tape if necessary. Lastly, students using their own language can be problematic in the classroom. I found out through this unit, in order to respond to them, do replies only English. Using English solely in the classroom will help them use it themselves as well as think on how to structure their words. Overall, unit twenty explains the tips of what to do and what future teachers to expect in an EFL classroom.