Teach English in Baipenzhu Zhen - Huizhou Shi

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Unit fifteen looks into evaluating students level and progress.It shows students? language level could be assessed through tutorials,evalution by students or using tests. Particular tests are identified in the unit, which will all go to facilitate reception and production of the language.Placement tests to form group of students at same level or diagnostic tests to help teacher and students about what they know and do not know at the start of the course, regular or short and then a longer or formal test every term which which could serve as practice test if students are following a course for leading to an external examination could be used. The unit gives more information on how these tests can be conducted and their contents; placement tests will involve grammar, vocabulary, speaking to ensure students can participate and communicate at their level of study. The unit recommends progress tests should be periodic to gauge what language has been acquired or forgotten thus will help the teacher in planning future lessons in areas of weakness.These tests include a balance of all the four skills in English language ( reading, listening, speaking and writing ) but to note that content should be within material covered already. On diagnostic, tests the unit notes these are at the start of the course and could be extensive .These will help the teacher to prepare lessons and materials geared towards helping students in difficult areas identified by the test. On practice tests, the unit recommends formats and structures of external examinations for which they are preparing.Examples of external examinations for particular purposes or areas of need are indicated; TOEFL required by most United States of America universities for admission purposes for non-native speakers, Skills for life test by Cambridge for studenst who want to use English for study, work or as a foreign language or ESOL unique for those who have moved to Britain and many other examinations. After going through the unit I have learnt that evaluating is very important as it will facilitate grouping of students at a level, check progress, help in planning future lessons and encourage students to work harder to achieve their goals.