Teach English in Guigang Shi

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Teach English in BaishA Zhen, Guigang Shi
This unit focuses on the core aspects of classroom management: eye contact, gesture, voice; seating arrangement and grouping students, classroom arrangement, giving attention, teacher talk time and student talk time, giving instructions, establishing rapport, and giving instructions
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Teach English in Dongjin Zhen, Guigang Shi
In Unit 13 it went over general topics such as: ? Intonation ? Pronuncaition ? Phonetics ? Stress ? In this unit it explained how important pronuncation was, but also, how often it is neglected
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Teach English in Gangcheng Jiedao, Guigang Shi
The last of the grammar units, this unit covered modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, defining and non-defining relative clauses, and the three types of phrasal verbs (intransitive, transitive separable, transitive inseparable)
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Teach English in GuoAn Yaozu XiAng, Guigang Shi
This unit discusses modal auxiliary verbs, which can add meaning to the main verb and to express obligation, possibility, probability, permission, prohibition, ability, and advice
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