Teach English in Dongjin Zhen - Guigang Shi

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In Unit 13 it went over general topics such as: ? Intonation ? Pronuncaition ? Phonetics ? Stress ? In this unit it explained how important pronuncation was, but also, how often it is neglected. °It talked about how most teachers don't like to deal with the extra work and that it can be hard to teach. And that is where Applied Phonetics comes into play. It is a special way to teach students the sounds and to help them pronounce the words properly. Also give them a symbol/picture (if you want to call it that) to attach the sound to, this can be very helpful to those who are visual when it comes to learning. ? Intonation was another big topic this unit covered. It explaines the rises and falls in sectences and how a fall/rise is different than a rise/fall. And gives some good teaching methods to (me) the teacher, such as: ? Reading some newspapers about sports and such. ? Singing and/or Humming ? Using your hands (almost like miming) ?Stress was a big thing as well (as it should be), it gives the sentence a more native feeling and also gives it life. But the lack of stress can say a lot as well. And some teaching ideas for this are: ? Clicking your fingers ? Underlining on the board. ? And again humminh rhythms or singing.