Teach English in Guangzhou Shi

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Teach English in Chajiao Jiedao, Guangzhou Shi
The unit 5 on 'Managing Classes' was very useful and interesting as it provided essential guidelines on how to manage a classroom whether big or small, as well as providing a good set of examples Do's and Dont's in a classroom, which can either help build a good or induce a bad teacher/student rapport in the long run
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Teach English in ChAnggang Jiedao, Guangzhou Shi
Unit Five focused on classroom management which involves organizing the lessons of the class and ensuring that the teacher is friendly, has a good demeanor, and is able to maintain discipline
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Teach English in Dalong Jiedao, Guangzhou Shi
1) The modal verbs include can, could, must,have to, have got to, may, might, will, would, should, ought to, need , need not They are used with other verbs to express ability, obligation, possibility, permission, advice and so on
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