Teach English in Anyang Shi

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Teach English in Songcun XiAng, Anyang Shi
In this lesson, I have learned a lot of knowledge about teaching receptive skills, there are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills ? reading and listening, and productive skills ? speaking and writing
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Teach English in Tianshi Zhen, Anyang Shi
The value of a lesson plan is that the teacher, once prepared, is now free to attend to results, to alter plan en route, and pay better attention to results for each student
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Teach English in Wagang XiAng, Anyang Shi
This unit has been a great unit, because I have relearned all the present tense system in the English grammar; for example the perfect simple it?s really well explained with very useful examples of affirmative, negatives, and questions forms
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Teach English in Wangu Zhen, Anyang Shi
This unit gave a lot of useful insight on the way different technologies can be used in class to help the teacher convey complex ideas more easily with prepared content, and at the same time presents that content in different modalities to help the students understand
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Teach English in Wulong Zhen, Anyang Shi
Honestly its unit 2 which i can compare with unit 4, interms of interesting, and how much challanging they are! At the beggining i though this unit was very simple, only to find my self challanged with the task sheet
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Teach English in Xincun Zhen, Anyang Shi
As I skimmed this unit I have learned The Present Tense: Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous,Present Perfect Tense, and Present Perfect Continuous
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