Teach English in Anyang Shi

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Teach English in KAiyuan Jiedao, Anyang Shi
This Unit involves methodological analysis of 2 videos of real EFL lessons, one of which is conducted correctly while the other one is full of deliberate teacher's mistakes
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Teach English in Liucun XiAng, Anyang Shi
It is very important to regularly check the student's learning process and that can be done with the progress tests, and by observing how the students perform in their classroom activities, homework and individual tutoring
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Teach English in LongshAn Jiedao, Anyang Shi
This unit covers teaching special groups including beginners, children, business people/students, one on one sessions, and multilingual groups within a single class
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Teach English in Minhanglu Jiedao, Anyang Shi
The unit covers teaching special groups topic, the types of classes such as beginners (tips for teaching them, methods and techniques, possible problems), teaching individual students (suggestions, suitable activities, homework and checking), teaching children and problems you can face during this process, teaching business english (the ways how to do it best, needs analysis and course planning)
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Teach English in NanguAn Jiedao, Anyang Shi
This unit was probably the most illuminating so far! I saw the same English teacher teach a class with two opposite attitudes, and from this contrast it became clear that a teacher's attitude plays a giant role in the success of a class
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Teach English in Qingfengjie Jiedao, Anyang Shi
From this unit, I learned about the possible roles that a teacher may play either in ?student-centered? lessons or ?teacher-centered? lessons, how learners are categorized based on age, language level and their motivations to learn
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Teach English in Qugou Zhen, Anyang Shi
Unit 9 introduces one of the most important part especially for inexperienced teacher, that is lesson planning, and it presents in terms of its functions, basic rules, class preparation, contents and shares with us one complete model lesson plan
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Teach English in Rengu Zhen, Anyang Shi
Unit 20 focus is on common problems that might occur during a class, and the two groups that we as teachers can find on our first day (a new group or an existing group) and what should be done or avoided on that very first day
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Teach English in SAngcun XiAng, Anyang Shi
In this unit I learned about how a class should not look and how to the attitude of the teacher can drastically effect how receptive students can be when learning
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