Teach English in Anyang Shi

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Teach English in XujiAgou XiAng, Anyang Shi
This unit provides a summary of teaching aids and equipment for the ESL classroom, ranging from traditional items one would normally find in a classroom setting such as the white board and CD player to more technologically advanced equipment like the interactive white board and practically everything else in between
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Teach English in Yaocun Zhen, Anyang Shi
One of the most important things that I learned in this Unit was the idea that, when teaching, the teacher should work to avoid using their students' native language
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Teach English in Yonghe Zhen, Anyang Shi
This unit was really great for me because, although I consider myself to be a great teacher in the sense that I can explain concepts clearly and simply to new learners, I lack experience in the management of larger groups
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Teach English in Zaocun XiAng, Anyang Shi
In this unit we have examined the main language learning theories: grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, PPP, task based learning, communicative language learning, the silent way, suggests paediatric, the lexical approach
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