Teach English in Anyang Shi

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Teach English in Baiying Zhen, Anyang Shi
i had a hard time finishing this unit because there is no course book and all the questions were so confusing for example: # Which of the following is a possible change that could make the second lesson even more effective?
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Teach English in Banpodian Zhen, Anyang Shi
unit 13 which is teaching pronunciation and phonology is really a part of english that most of us doesn't focus and give too much attention as we expect as native speakers that as we read we usually can pronounce the words
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Teach English in Chadian Zhen, Anyang Shi
This unit on teaching special groups breaks down students into types of classes: Begginers, individuals, children, Business and Specific Purposes, multilingual vs
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Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen, Anyang Shi
This unit covers information on teaching a new language, such as what vocab and what grammar to teach and it also explains the best way to teach a new language
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Teach English in Dongdajie Jiedao, Anyang Shi
By watching the two different videos of the same teacher and lesson , and watching the two manners of teaching a lesson for the students , I can now define which the correct manner should be used by the teacher while demonstrating a new lesson that could appropriately affect the students attitude and participation , and it is clear that the attitude of the teacher is very important and has a profound effect on the success of the lesson , and finally we as teachers we have to maintain the importance of putting a successful lesson plan to be using during the lesson and how to engage our students to be involved into the lesson
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