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Asia is one of the most popular regions in the world with English language teachers as it offers such a wide variety of destinations as well as an almost guaranteed chance of securing a teaching job.

It is no secret that China is one of the most popular destinations in the world for TEFL/TESOL teachers mainly because there are so many jobs on offer that you often have a range of options to choose from. The South East Asian region is another hugely popular area due to the healthy job market and the relaxed way of life. However, teachers will also find many other good opportunities on offer in some of the lesser known areas of this vast continent.

The South Asian region is an area that has many opportunities for TEFL/TESOL teachers simply because of the huge populations that live in the countries that are located here, such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. You will also find jobs available in many of the former Soviet Union countries such as Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Azerbaijan, while Armenia is a popular choice for volunteer based teaching.

Types of English Teaching Positions in Asia

There are job opportunities in all fields of teaching across the Asian continent including private language schools, state run schools, universities and private tutoring. The salaries and working conditions in the region vary considerable depending on the individual country and school in which you are working, as well as on your own qualifications and classroom experience. However, you will usually find that universities offer the most competitive salaries and are the most reliable when it comes to organising things such as work permits and visas. At the other end of the scale, private tutoring provides teachers with the most freedom as you get to choose your own working hours and teaching environment.

Securing a EFL Job in Asia

There are several different ways to find teaching jobs in the Asian region. Many teachers find a teaching position here through a recruiting agency before they leave their own country. While this is usually a smooth process, sometimes the agency will hire you without actually knowing which school they will place you in. To avoid this you need to make sure that you receive a contract from the actual school; you should also thoroughly research the recruitment agency and any schools that they offer you before you commit to anything. In many countries the best method is to simply start your job search once you actually arrive in your area of choice.

The demand for teachers is so high in some countries that often the only qualification necessary to secure a teaching job is being a native English speaker. However, most of the jobs that offer good working conditions and a competitive salary will usually require at least a TEFL/TESOL certificate. If you are planning to look for a good quality teaching job in the Asian region but do not have any teaching qualifications or classroom experience, then we would certainly recommend you take one of our courses before you set off. Our courses will give you the skills that you need to be able to teach effectively in the classroom, as well as providing you with the qualifications required to apply for the better paid jobs in the region.

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