Teach English in Zhuhai Shi

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Teach English in Hongqi Zhen, Zhuhai Shi
This unit covers how to effectively teach receptive skills (reading and listening) to students in lessons, such as carefully choosing reading and listening materials that are appropriate to the students' language level as well as materials that cover topics of interest to the students
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Teach English in Jing'an Zhen, Zhuhai Shi
The most common problems in teaching relate to: ? First Lessons - is critical that the teacher establishes rapport with the students to establish the tone for the rest of the course
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Teach English in Lianzhou Zhen, Zhuhai Shi
This unit offered some interesting views on the use of textbooks and course work within the classroom, versus the use of authentic and teacher created materials
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Teach English in Nanshui Zhen, Zhuhai Shi
It has been said that visual and auditory cues and illustrations allow for a lot more effective learning than verbal cues because students remember and learn by association and imagery
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Teach English in TangjiAwAn Zhen, Zhuhai Shi
This Unit focused on how to maximize learning based on the arrangement of the classroom, the grouping of the students into smaller to whole class groups, and on teaching methods and student behavior
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Teach English in WanshAn Zhen, Zhuhai Shi
Unit 7, titled ?Teaching new language: vocabulary, grammar and function? When teaching vocabulary, teachers have to select words carefully, based on factors such as teachability, appropriacy to the student and topic being thought
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