Teach English in Hengqin Zhen - Zhuhai Shi

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This chapter addresses teaching pronunciation and describes phonology and the phonemic alphabet. The introduction correctly states that teaching of pronunciation is possibly the least addressed and most challenging aspect of teaching English. The pronunciation portion of the chapter immediately delves into phonology and its various facets such as intonation, stress, sound joining, and linked speech. Each section has detailed information on how native speakers use different components of phonology to reflect how they wish to convey specific meaning and emotion in a nuanced way that cannot always be replicated by text. The unit then introduces the phonemic alphabet and its symbols, and the multiple ways that humans articulate speech. It then continues to discuss the use of speech organs and the numerous places and manners of articulation, each of which is further divided and named. Although the information in this portion of the unit is quite complex, it is a useful guide for teaching pronunciation in English language classes. It is quite helpful in capturing the exact sounds of English words, which is often not conveyed in their spelling. This chapter was undoubtedly the most difficult to digest as it contained a lot of unfamiliar information. It forced me, however, to gain a better understanding of the phonemic alphabet and provided new techniques for teaching pronunciation.