Teach English in WanshAn Zhen - Zhuhai Shi

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Unit 7, titled ?Teaching new language: vocabulary, grammar and function? When teaching vocabulary, teachers have to select words carefully, based on factors such as teachability, appropriacy to the student and topic being thought. Teachers need to ensure that when they are teaching vocabulary, the students know the meaning of the words, and how to spell and pronounce it. Techniques for teaching vocabulary includes the study, engage and activate method. ?Engage? method can include discussions, and explanation behind pictures. ?Study? activities may include but not limited to puzzles such as crosswords, word searches and pronouncing exercises and the ?Active? method may include story building and debates. Techniques for presenting and practicing language structure, largely depends on the language level of the students. The ?Engage method may include discussion, question and answers and mimes. ?Study? methods may include; looking at language in context through texts and dialogue and sentencing building. The ?Active? Methods can include story building and debating. With ?Teaching language functions? language functions focuses on the appropriateness of the language in terms of how it is used whether formal, informal or tentative etc. Language function lessons focuses more on the activation stage of ESA.