Teach English in Heyuan Shi

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Teach English in Beidun Zhen, Heyuan Shi
We need to plan a lesson for: - Creation a logical sequence (to manage the lessons) - Working plan document (to remember) The recording of what the teacher has been taught To cover the teacher in case it the teacher cant come (teach) We can include into the plan the following: The main information about the group: 1
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Teach English in Chetian Zhen, Heyuan Shi
Lesson Plans Should included: An Aid to Planning - What you expect the student to achieve by the end of the lesson, how you intent to make that possible A Working Document - this helps you keep on target & gives you something to refer to during the lesson; but allowing you to be flexible & responding to the needs of the class A Record - Lesson plan acts as a record which helps if you are ill & another teacher has to over your classes
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Teach English in ChiguAng Zhen, Heyuan Shi
Unit 15 - Evaluation and Testing Evaluating students: There are a number of ways to assess a student?s language level: ? Tutorials ? Evaluation by the students ? Tests Tutorials: These can take place with the whole group or with individual students
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Teach English in Fengren Zhen, Heyuan Shi
Four basic skills in any language: ? Receptive skills o Reading o Listening ? Productive skills o Speaking o Writing To achieve a balanced approach, all are equally important and we should try to incorporate all into our lessons
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Teach English in Gongbai Zhen, Heyuan Shi
Unit 14: Course Books and Lesson Materials Books and materials: In an ideal world, the school would have all the books and materials that you could need
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Teach English in Guzhu Zhen, Heyuan Shi
This unit focuses on modals phrasal verbs and passive voice This unit examines model auxillary verbs and the passive voice as well as over view of phrasal verbs and relative clauses
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Teach English in Heshui Zhen, Heyuan Shi
In this unit, I have read about the various advantages and disadvantages of employing course books and authentic or created materials in an ESL classroom environment
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