Teach English in Dengta Zhen - Heyuan Shi

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In this unit I have learnt more about teaching aids that can be used in the classroom. They are a valuable resource because they can be used to make lessons more effective, interesting and a useful alternative to the textbook. I realise whiteboards can be very useful to write up relevant information for the students and to engage them in the lesson. They also allow students themselves to be involved in the writing process but as a role model a teacher must ensure that their writing, on the whiteboard, is legible and neat. IWBs are extremely useful and are great for involving students in the lessons because they are interactive. As with all electronic items it's a good idea to have a back-up plan because there can be unexpected faults or problems with them. I have learnt that visual aids, such as, real objects, pictures and photos can illustrate meaning quickly and effectively. This is because they add variety and interest and appeal to students. In particular, they are useful for introducing new vocabulary items. I am now aware that worksheets and word cards can be helpful for reading and grammar exercises. I realise that CD players can be used for listening activities in the classroom. However, more modern technology is now more readily available. This is also the case for videos, DVDs and video cameras which have now been replaced by computers e.g. YouTube and iPads which can be used to allow students to record themselves carrying out various tasks and then analyse and discuss their spoken English. I have learnt that dictionaries, for pronunciation, meaning and usage, coursebooks and resource books, used to supplement these, are all valuable as a support when you are an EFL teacher. I also realise that photocopiers are necessary if work materials need to be copied and, as a teacher, I should be careful to carry out only necessary photocopying and not to waste paper or ink. I am aware that computers are a main resource in the classroom and can support students effectively. Some advantages of computers include them being a useful reference and research tool, to send emails and to watch and listen to videos that can provide authentic examples of spoken English. This unit has been helpful in making me realise many resources are available and that it is important to keep up to date with new innovations to improve my teaching.