Teach English in Chetian Zhen - Heyuan Shi

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Lesson Plans Should included: An Aid to Planning - What you expect the student to achieve by the end of the lesson, how you intent to make that possible A Working Document - this helps you keep on target & gives you something to refer to during the lesson; but allowing you to be flexible & responding to the needs of the class A Record - Lesson plan acts as a record which helps if you are ill & another teacher has to over your classes. Lesson Planning Basic Principles: Keep is simple/ do NOT script the lesson/ Structure it & maintain the same structure/ Write the anticipated time for each activity/ Try to make sure activities fit together / Keep if flexible & open to adaptation Included in a lesson plan: Learner objectives - what you want the students to be able to do Personal Aims - what you as the teacher wish to achieve Language Point - theme which your lesson is based & how it fits in with past & planned future lessons Teaching Aids - materials & other aids you will need in the lesson Anticipated problems - important to try & anticipate any particular problems and having a solution for these problems if they arise Procedure - activities used to achieve the learner objective. Phase- Engage, Study, Activate Timing - vital to plan how long each activity is expected to take, be realistic & flexible with your timing Interaction - interacting at each stage of the lesson Class Level - level of ability that the class has with the English language Number of Students - make sure that your activities are suitable for the class size Date/Time - keep a historical record Teachers' & Observer's names - useful if the class is being monitored Monitoring your lessons - monitor the quality of your own lessons to continually strive to improve your skills & make classes as enjoyable as possible. Make note of what went well & where the lesson could have been improved. Planning a sequence of lessons: Flexibility - make changes to plans during lessons can throw out the sequence of lessons, you'll continually need to updated plans. Be flexible in our approach. Goals - build goals for the students into a sequence of lessons Revision - continually review over a sequence of lessons to ensure students retain this information. Variety & Balance - make sure all skills are included & given equal treatment. Incorporate a good variety & mix of activities.