Teach English in Huangshi Zhen - Heyuan Shi

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In this lesson, I learned about teaching special groups. As a teacher, you can be teaching people with the skill level from a beginner all the way up to the business professional level. In the beginner category, there are several sub-categories that have their own skill levels as well as specific needs. These levels include the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner, and the beginner without the Roman alphabet. Absolute beginners are students who have no English experience at all and don?t know anything about the language. False beginners are students who have studied some English in the past but don?t remember most of it. They may be able to form some simple sentences or have knowledge of some vocabulary, but only at a very low level. The adult beginner is typically very motivated because, more often than not, they have chosen to learn English themselves and are not being forced to learn. The young beginner is the opposite. They are being forced to learn English and don?t see the importance or need of it. They are young, so they are typically better at learning English than their adult counterparts. The beginner without the Roman alphabet have no real knowledge of the English alphabet and will need a good amount of reading and writing practice. With younger students, it is best not to use their L1 because they may feel that if they stay silent long enough, you will give them instruction in their native tongue, so in their minds, there is no real need to listen and translate. For business professional, it would be good to great them formally in their native tongue, but keep it at that. The majority of class needs to be conducted in English. For the business professional classroom, age and English experience will be extremely varied, so giving a needs assessment is extremely useful. Attendance may be a problem because the students are working adults, and have other things to prioritize in their lives before English. Homework may have to be a smaller load than with a regular school for the same reason. These students can come to class very tired because of the long hours of work prior to their English class. The teacher needs to be aware of that just in case they need to shorten a lesson or make the day more conversation based as opposed to worksheet based.