Teach English in Dengyun Zhen - Heyuan Shi

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As a current Bachelor of Education student, I have learned about the importance of writing and keeping lesson plans. Depending on the style and experience level of the teacher, there is no real format for writing a lesson plan. However, from what I have learned, a general, good format is the \"Three Part Lesson:\" Engage, study, activate. This format has been taught under several other names, but from past application of such a lesson, I do know it is effective in reaching both educator teaching and student learning goals. Lesson plans serve many functions such as helping the teacher keep an organized record of material taught, what worked and what didn't (i.e. styles of teaching, peer groups, activities), timing of units/lessons, in addition to keeping a record for future reference. The lesson plan example template provided in this unit includes several key important pieces that will help ensure the smooth functioning of a lesson, as well as a likelihood of material being understood and absorbed by students. This lesson plan template includes the following pieces: teacher name, presence of observer, date, number of students/room/class level, language point, teaching aids (materials), learner objectives (what the teacher wants the students to learn by the end of the lesson), personal aims (what the teacher wants to improve about his/her teaching or lessons), anticipated problems for students and teacher with solutions, procedure and phase (Engage, activate, study format), timing and interaction (teacher-student, student-student). I believe that the more practice a teacher has with creating lessons and teaching, writing lesson plans will become an easier task. I also believe lesson plans are important for beginning teachers as it is a good method to make sure the teacher is ready/prepared for the lesson, as well as a reference to refer to while carrying out the lesson. Additionally, it is important to remember that lesson plans are not an \"all or nothing\" tool. If something is not going as planned during a lesson (i.e. students need more time, students are not understanding, students are really enjoying something, technology issues), a teacher must remember that it is okay to change up the lesson as he/she sees fit. Therefore, a good teacher is flexible and adaptable, as well as always positive when approached with challenges.