Teach English in Hechi Shi

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Teach English in Bailin XiAng, Hechi Shi
In this unit we had learned about the different roles of a teacher while teaching his/her class, qualities which are found in good learners and good teachers
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Teach English in Baiwang Zhen, Hechi Shi
A French lecturer that I had once commented on the difficulties of learning the English language and stated that more so than any other languages English (and the languages of many other Western countries) are very obsessed with the placement of ideas in time
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Teach English in BAmu XiAng, Hechi Shi
In Unit 5 I've learned various ways the teacher establishes rapport with students, the importance of classroom set up, and correct discipline tactics
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Teach English in Bansheng XiAng, Hechi Shi
Unit 16 discusses what teachers should teach as students progress through the various levels regarding the correct grammar for conditionals and reported speech
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Teach English in Baotan XiAng, Hechi Shi
Unit 1 presented examples of what constitutes a good teacher and learner, defined various roles the teacher plays, contrasted differences between adult and younger learners, and defined basic levels of competency among learners
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