Teach English in Bailin XiAng - Hechi Shi

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In this unit we had learned about the different roles of a teacher while teaching his/her class, qualities which are found in good learners and good teachers. we need to change our teaching methodology according to the age, learning experience, behavior, learning capability of our students. learning language could provide many benefits to the its learners in many aspects but in order to making the learning interactive and interesting we should try to teach students with making the lecture more practical by involving them into activities and communication with each other or maybe with some native English speaker.Motivation and encouragement is also equally necessary as teaching the material. Because sometimes motivation makes a difference in someone's life and change their thinking entirely. Try to make the learning environment more friendly so students of every age feel comfortable to interact with the teacher. Advice students to practice what they had learned with their friends or someone else who can speak English. let them explore their weak points and help them with their problems they face during conversation. Teacher should be well aware of his/her role in class because of the role of teacher keep changing according to need of class environment.