Teach English in Aidong Zhen - Hechi Shi

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In this unit, I got to learn about conditionals and reported vs. direct speech. Conditionals refer to the past, present, and future possibilities. Conditionals contain \"if\" and similar expressions, such as \"when.\" There are five types of conditionals, which include: Zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. A zero conditional refers to facts, such as, \"If you throw a ball up, it will come back down.\" Next is first conditionals which talks about real situations. An example of a first conditional is, \"If I have enough money, I will but the shoes.\" The second conditional refers to a hypothetical situation and is not currently true and is very unlikely to become true. An example of a second conditional would be, \"If I had won a million dollars at the casino, I would have bought you a boat.\" The third conditional conveys a hypothetical past action which would lead to a hypothetical result, such as, \"If I would have practiced harder for the triathlon, I could have came in first place.\" Finally, mixed conditionals combine the second and third conditional clause. This refers to the to a past hypothetical action leading to a hypothetical present consequence; an example of this is, \"if we hadn't missed our train, we'd be in Germany by now.\