Teach English in BaoAn XiAng - Hechi Shi

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This unit is about the productive skills, speaking and writing. The productive skills are equally as important as the receptive skills. When speaking or writing one does so because they with you to share something or communicate with others which will be received by the receptive skills listening or reading. When teaching speaking skills it is equally important to bring fluency activities to the classroom as it is to bring accuracy activities. Students often can be nervous to speak for they might be scared of making mistakes or intimidated by their peers or lack confidence. Therefore by giving lots of pair or group work, doing group speaking drills before asking a student to pronounce a word or sentence on their own or giving students a moment to think about what they are going to say may all help with building up students confidence when speaking. Writing is normally the least practiced skill from the four. For writing practice is often only given as homework which is often not done. When teaching writing penmanship, spelling and punctuation are all important to teach. To keep the students on track and wanting to learn how to write choose topics they are interested in, change up the activities, get them to write comics, this could be done in pairs.