Teach English in BAmu XiAng - Hechi Shi

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In Unit 5 I've learned various ways the teacher establishes rapport with students, the importance of classroom set up, and correct discipline tactics. It's important to allow for student talk time, the sharing of ideas and opinions, and to allow students to correct and help each other. Teacher's must be positive, always appear that they enjoy their job, smile, and be on time for class and returning homework. Some possible class arrangements might be to organize the seats in a horse-shoe shape, circles, separate tables, or orderly rows. One of the best arrangements is the horse-shoe because it allows for an intimate feel and allows the students to have eye contact with everyone. When considering discipline tactics teachers must remain compassionate and level-headed. Some reasons students might act up might be based on class size, a lack of respect for the teacher, boredom, low self-esteem, family problems, or peer pressure. It is important to act immediately when responding to difficult behavior so the problem doesn't worsen. Knowledge from colleagues, keeping calm, changing classroom dynamics or seating, focusing on the behavior and not the student, and looking at the student directly are all helpful tactics when dealing with problem behavior.