Teach English in BAma Zhen - Hechi Shi

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This unit reaffirmed a lot of information I already knew. This, however, reminds us of things we may have forgotten, or tend to not focus on as much as we should. The first section on characteristics of a good teacher reminded me of things and approaches I should focus more on in my classroom. I also learned a lot from the section on the role of the teacher, and recognized some situations where I should possibly have used a different approach, and assumed a different role. I have learned about the correlation between effective learning and external factors like age, learning experience, motivational factors, handling of nervousness, language awareness, the approach to behavioral problems, and life experience. I was amazed to learn that culture and first language differ so vastly between countries, and did not realize the impact it has on approach and learning. The language levels taught me a great deal about diversity and made me once again very aware of the importance of differentiation in the classroom In conclusion, this unit has awakened a deep interest and anticipation for units to follow. I once again realized that, even after 22 years of teaching, there is always something new to learn, and that we all need to revisit knowledge forgotten