Teach English in Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh

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Teach English in Fuwen Zhen, Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh
This unit has explained to me what it takes to be a good teacher, how that will foster good students, the generally accepted stages or levels of esl learners, esl learners' motivations, the differences between adult and youth esl learners, and the various youth learners' age groups
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Teach English in Hongmao Zhen, Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh
Yet again I feel I should mention that I have about 5 years of experience teaching English as well as a master?s degree in Linguistics, so I cannot say that I really learned anything new from this section, but as always I am happy to review
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Teach English in Huangzhu Zhen, Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh
This unit was very important because evaluation is a very crucial part of any course,there are three common types of evaluation tutorials,evaluating by the students where the students evaluate the course (not the teacher) and state what was difficult and what was easy and what needs more improvment in the course and finally different types of tests
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Teach English in Leiming Zhen, Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh
Unit 9 is about lesson planning, and the debate that surrounds the topic, as planning lessons can yield positive and negative outcomes, resulting in most teachers finding a happy median between maintaining the structure of a lesson, and being flexible enough to accommodate some desires of students
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Teach English in Maodao XiAng, Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh
The information contained and presented in unit 14, ?Coursebooks and lesson materials address the resources that we may have at our disposal as well as some of the extra steps in personalizing and creating tools specifically tailored to the level and uniqueness of the students
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Teach English in Shang'An XiAng, Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh
I have a tendency to over-correct and be a perfectionist for others' work as well as my own, so from this lesson I took away the importance of not correcting at every point of the lesson and allowing for the students to exercise fluency creatively
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Teach English in Wulie Zhen, Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh
future play : that is to be : of, relating to, or constituting a verb tense expressive of time yet to come : existing or occurring at a later time : time that is to come : what is going to happen : an expectation of advancement or progressive development See the full definition of future tense play : stretched tight : made taut : rigid : feeling or showing nervous tension : marked by strain or suspense : to make tense : to become tense : a distinction of form in a verb to express distinctions of time or duration of the action or state it denotes : a set of inflectional forms of a verb that express distinctions of time : an inflectional form of a verb expressing a specific time distinction
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Teach English in Wupo Zhen, Hainan Shengzhixiaxian Jixingzh
In Unit 9 I have learned the basic principles of lesson planning are keeping it simple, not scripting the lesson, the importance of maintaining the same structure, keeping track of the estimated time of activity, checking for balance of skills, and keeping the lesson flexible and open to adaptation
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