Teach English in Chaozhou Shi

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Teach English in Caitang Zhen, Chaozhou Shi
This unit contains the most commonly needed areas of grammar which will be useful not only for teaching the students but also to brush up our grammatical knowledge
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Teach English in DongshAn Zhen, Chaozhou Shi
Having learned how to perform assessments of student levels and analyzed the needs of the students, the instructor of an English course may put together a syllabus and start writing the individual lesson plans for each class
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Teach English in Fengtang Zhen, Chaozhou Shi
In this unit we focus our attention on the four; the Present simple, Present continuous (sometimes called the Present progressive), Present perfect and Present perfect continuous
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Teach English in Guihu Zhen, Chaozhou Shi
The first part of the unit deals with Conditional or \"if\" sentences are they commonly called- because they often contain the word if - are sentences that refer to present, past and future possibilities and can range from factual through to impossible statements
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Teach English in Guxiang Zhen, Chaozhou Shi
This unit concerns classroom management, covering in turn the use of eye contact, voice and gesture, the grouping and arrangement of the classroom, writing on the board, giving individual student attention, the balance between teacher and student talk time, giving instruction, building rapport, and the maintaining of discipline
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Teach English in Jinshi Zhen, Chaozhou Shi
In knowing how to manage a classroom a teacher needs to be aware of the options and resource they have even just with their physical presence and the way they set up the classroom
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