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Unit 14 is about course books and lesson materials First part was about books and materials. Choosing the right book and materials can be a bit tricky for many teachers, it's a up to every teacher's choice which book he wants to use. However he should always consider some factors that he should follow when choosing the right book for his students. Often teacher has to create his own materials that will be suitable for the class he is teaching. Materials can be divided into two groups: authentic and created. Authentic materials can be almost anything and I do speaker would hear or read. Some examples are songs, magazines, newspapers, menus are films on video etc. Authentic materials should be selected carefully because they are not designed for the EFL students. Is very useful to use authentic materials because they are more interesting and motivating, they help students to gain confidence when understanding them etc. Another group are created materials. These materials are mostly designed by duty to himself to replace the girls from a course book. They can either use their own skills if their artistically gifted or they can use any materials that they have and find interesting. Created materials include resorts, puzzles, flashcards, gap fill games or activities etc. Now, what should a \"proper\" course book consist? It usually consist of a set of materials such as students book, workbook, some sort of cassettes and a teacher's book. Advantages of course book are usually: providing some good ideas for an inexperienced teacher, providing balance mix of grammar and vocabulary, syllabus which is graded to a level suitable for students, it is expected by the students etc. disadvantages of course book may be factors such as: students just don't like the book itself, it can become predictable, it can sometimes get expensive, it doesn't have to fit everyone, it can be too difficult for some students, it basically dictates what to teach so then sometimes it might leave the teacher without his own creativity etc. Best usage of the book is following: It is not good to use the course book for the whole lesson because then it can become extremely boring for the students. If there are more options of course books, we should look at all of them and choose the one which we suppose would search the best. The teacher should explore ways to match the course book to the needs of his students. The teacher shouldn't just rely on the book, but should be always creative There are four options course book usage. We can 1) omit or basically skip certain lessons if we find them not beneficial for the students at the time. We can 2) replace some materials with similar but more appropriate material. We can 3) add up some extra material to engage the students more into the language. Or we can 4) basically adapt and use the same materials however in our own way. Before buying a course book we should be able to analyze it. We should consider the price, how attractive the book appears, what methodology it is using, how difficult it is going to be for our students, how the topics will be relevant for our students, how balanced it is with reading, writing, listening, speaking parts.