Teach English in Dacheng Zhen - Chaozhou Shi

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Classroom Management is the skill of organizing the class and maintaining classroom discipline. The teacher?s proper use and control of eye contact, voice, and gestures is essential to good classroom management. Eye contact can be used to get the attention of students, indicate who is to respond, and maintain discipline. The teacher must be able to control his/her voice based on the class? size and activity. The voice can create liveliness and boredom in the class. In addition to proper voice control, it is essential for the teacher to know each of his/her students by name. The teacher can use the students? names in organizing activities, getting the attention of the students, indicating who is to respond, and to acknowledge the students. Gestures should be used by teachers to help convey the meaning of the language, add visual interest to the lesson, and reduce unnecessary teacher talk time. Classroom activities can be done by students as a whole, individually, by pairs, and by groups. Whole-class grouping, pair work, and group work increase the student talk time and interaction time but can be noisy. Individual activities can make the students be more self-reliant but it can be stressful to some students as they will have to rely on their own to finish the activity. Teachers should vary the type of groupings and pairings to allow sufficient opportunity for student talk time and active interaction. Having the suitable classroom arrangement can also help manage the class. Bigger class and limited classroom size may opt for the traditional seating which is in orderly rows. It allows the teachers to freely move around the room and maintain eye contact and discipline. Horseshoe or semi-circle arrangement is useful to create a far more intimate class and a little less formal than the orderly rows arrangement. It is easier for pair work and allows students to see each other. Separate tables is an informal seating arrangement that allows teacher to work with an individual while other continue with their work. It is useful for group work but it can create problem in maintaining class discipline. Other classroom management issues that teachers should be prepared with are: 1. Writing on the board ? in which the teacher will have to turn his/her back to the class but can be reduced by using pre-prepared materials; 2. Giving Individual attention ? wherein the teacher should be conscious enough to equally give to all students to be fair but still be able to help some students who do not understand the tasks enough; 3. Teacher talk time ? just enough to be a good source of natural and correct English to students, give clear instructions, organize activities, and establish rapport; 4. Giving instructions ? using simple language based on the language level of the students, consistent in using the same terms for similar instructions, and checking if the students understand; 5. Establishing rapport ? to make the class enjoyable and less stressful; 6. Maintaining discipline ? by understanding the reasons of problem behavior, preventing them, and knowing how to properly and immediately respond to problem behaviors in the classroom.