Teach English in JiAngdong Zhen - Chaozhou Shi

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This unit presents two videos showing ineffective and effective English lessons respectively. In the first video, the lesson was not well planned. Explanations about grammar points were insufficient to help students understand the lesson. They were obviously intimidated, pressured, and uncomfortable with the way the teacher handled the class. The teacher's questioning technique was poor. It might have been traumatic among the students since they were not able to respond to the teacher's questions in the Engage phase although the teacher kept saying \"It's very easy!\". The teacher assumed that the students were familiar with the technical terms he used. Names of animals which were unfamiliar with the students should have been introduced and defined for clarity and understanding. Instructions during the answering of the worksheets were unclear. The teacher was not so kind at giving praises to students' correct answers. On the other hand, the teacher succeeded in the second lesson. The class started with the teacher introducing himself and asking students' names. This helped set a positive mood in the class. Proper steps were followed making lesson transition smooth and systematic. The steps of the lesson were properly planned. The teacher made sure that each phase of the lesson is clearly understood by the students. Multi-sensory learning took place because the teacher used visual aids to aid learning. There was also incidental learning because the teacher explained \"can and can't\" as well as the applicability of their usage in oral and written aspects. Furthermore, the teacher was kind at giving praises among students' correct responses. The teacher's friendly disposition made the students more eager to learn and participate actively during the discussion. The teacher also showed gestures and actions to help students understand new words. Moreover, the students were given the opportunity to read sentences observing correct grammar and intonation pattern. In fact, the teacher modeled the correct way of reading the sentences. Additionally, instructions were clearly given before worksheets were distributed. So the students were not confused on what to do. Likewise, the teacher was able to properly handle incorrect responses given by the students. This showed that it is normal for students to commit mistakes in learning a foreign language. It was a good point that the teacher showed his own imaginary animal for students' reference. To further improve the second lesson, it is suggested that the teacher show a video clip showing the action word \"crawl\". The students seemed to have misunderstood this word and because of that they produced wrong sentences. To further expose students to the language, each should have been made come to the front to report their imaginary animals. Finally, in the Study phase, the teacher wrote a sentence using the target language. In my opinion, students could have been asked to translate that sentence in their L1 to find out if they understood its meaning. The teacher should not assume that the students understood the meaning of the sentence.