Teach English in Jingzhou Zhen - Chaozhou Shi

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This unit identifies different groups of classes and explains skills that can be used in teaching them. The unit begins with the ?beginner group and states it has different categories.Here it states that they are not mutually exclusive so many students will fall into two or even three categories.It gives tips for teaching such as methodology and techniques, possible problems and also outlines motivational skills. Being aware of students needs and giving clear instructions, how to help weaker students, to motivating them by creating a relaxed and supporting atmosphere, praising and encouraging them, are some examples amongst many others. On teaching individual students the unit cites its pluses and minuses and suggest how to manage one-to-one lessons, together with many suitable on-to-one activities that can help attain the goals. In the children group the unit points out the curiosity of children is a motivational factor.It also points out that children often seek approval from teachers, noticing them and showing signs of appreciation is a booster to their learning.The unit suggest teachers to keep activities fun, varied and at a good pace,The unit puts note on things teachers should and should not do in teaching children especially using English for instructions in a slow speed,short and direct sentences.The unit explains the importance of class discipline and management stating that the behaviour and attitude or personality of the teacher is perphaps the single most important factor in doing so and can affect discipline in a major way. In the Business or English for specific purpose, the unit breaks the fear of teaching Business English giving the reason that it is more of a case of adapting to a different approach from that of teaching a general English class.It then takes a detailed look at who ?clients? ( term used to refer to students from a company ), might be, what they need, doing a needs analysis and planning the course with sample need analysis given for clarification, how to plan the program and mid-course evealuation.The unit teaches that here ,what to do before you begin, where your expertise should be, what to do on arrival, things to do during and after the course are very importance to achieving success. On the monolingual and multilingual class, the unit defines both where students are from the same country with same language and where students come from different countries with different languages respectively.The unit gives the the advantages and disadvantages of the these two classes and then suggest how to avoid the use of mother tongue in a monolingual class. After reading through I have gained more knowledge on how to maintain discipline and class management in the children class.I have also learnt that in teaching Business English I should focus on my area of expertise which is English and the teaching of English language rather than on the students subject or job and that using my ignorance to an advanatge by letting the students to rectify it by explaining their work in English can help generate real communication.