Teach English in Zhaoqing Shi

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Teach English in Baigou Zhen, Zhaoqing Shi
In unit 1 I learned about the qualities and roles of a teacher and about the differences between adults and young learners and what they can bring to the classroom; also, I learned about the characteristics of each language level
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Teach English in Chang'An Zhen, Zhaoqing Shi
The comprehension of oral language is important because it is intended for the learner to understand the correct pronunciation of sounds, intonation, and the production of sentence structures and speeches
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Teach English in Changgang Zhen, Zhaoqing Shi
Solutions on teaching a class make clear, short and slow instructions again; use visual help; use body language, gestures, eye contact, facial expressions; don?t speak low monotone or a high-pitched voice , it can be difficult to understand or grating to the ears; speak on the right volume, don?t speak too fast
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Teach English in DashA Zhen, Zhaoqing Shi
The last unit of this course discussed cultural issues to think about when teaching overseas, methods of obtaining employment, as well as numerous avenues available for professional development
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Teach English in Dazhou Zhen, Zhaoqing Shi
In this unit i have learnt: 1) If the teache wishes to introduce communicative activity to the students,she/he must to create need and desire in the students
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Teach English in Didou Zhen, Zhaoqing Shi
Even though I thought that I knew how to explain the majority of English tenses due to four years of intense Latin study (with focus on grammar), I learned so much more about the actual situations in which present tense is used as well as a present tense (present perfect continuous) which I didn't know existed! This unit was difficult even for me, a native speaker, to understand some of the situations in which we use each tense
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