Teach English in Didou Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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Even though I thought that I knew how to explain the majority of English tenses due to four years of intense Latin study (with focus on grammar), I learned so much more about the actual situations in which present tense is used as well as a present tense (present perfect continuous) which I didn't know existed! This unit was difficult even for me, a native speaker, to understand some of the situations in which we use each tense. Simple present tense is easily learned and I believe that most students will know of the simple present, but the other tenses will definitely present more difficulty. I feel comfortable with present continuous form as, even if the L1 does not have this particular tense, most L1s have some way to indicate continuous action. Present perfect is conceptually a bit harder, but again, I believe (through my knowledge of Japanese, Spanish, and Latin) that many languages have a way of explaining things that 'have happened' with present consequences. Finally, the present perfect continuous (the form I had the most trouble conceptualizing myself!) is going to be more difficult as it isn't used that frequently in English in everyday conversation, but it is used commonly during introduction conversations (\"how long have you been living in Illinois\"). I think that I might struggle to come up with activities for this tense, but the unit provides enough examples that I believe I can figure it out!