Teach English in Chengxi Jiedao - Zhaoqing Shi

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This unit gives a broad overview on teaching and learning. The unit begins by touching on four broad learning and behavioral theories: 1. Maturation theory (There is a natural sequence of events that will occur during maturation regardless of stimuli.) 2. Environmental theory (Behavior is a reaction to surroundings and not pre-programmed.) 3. Constructivism (Combination of maturation and environmental theories.) 4. Other (Many other theories exist, for instance cognitive developmental theory.) Theories of language study and acquisition are based on ideas from the above theories. This unit also introduces methodologies for teaching language, such as through a communicative approach and through the ESA method. This unit next covers seating arrangements that can contribute to a better learning environment as well as an overview of the teacher's multiple roles in the classroom--not just an instructor, but a facilitator, mentor, psychologist, counselor, and policeman as well. This unit also covers the fact that younger learners (5-9 years old) and slightly older learners (9-13 years old) have different likes and dislikes, so it is important to adjust lesson materials to suit the age group of the students involved. This unit was very informative, especially concerning learning and behavioral theories. Although the unit only covers them very broadly, it is a very helpful way to get started when teaching young learners.