Teach English in Xingtai Shi

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Teach English in Baishenshou XiAng, Xingtai Shi
In this unit I have learnt about the different roles that should be played by the teacher at a different stage of his lesson, from a controller to an observer, from a facilitator to a prompter, from a model to an organizer
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Teach English in Beidajie Jiedao, Xingtai Shi
This unit continues the exposition of English verb tenses with the past tenses, reviewing their forms and usages, common errors and trouble spots, as well as offering possible teaching ideas for each
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Teach English in Beitangtuan Zhen, Xingtai Shi
This unit explains the 4 past tenses covering the following: - grammatical formation in affirmative, negative and question mode - useage - best teaching techniques I learnt that one important aspect of learning for the past tenses is the fact that many common verbs are irregular in the past simple and past participle forms, and hence techniques which help students learn the irregular forms are clearly important
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Teach English in DAlian Jiedao, Xingtai Shi
I have seen an amazing example of teaching in the second video, while the first appeared nearly as a disaster, so I felt myself uncomfortable and miserable, while even watching
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