Teach English in Tangshan Shi

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Teach English in AngezhuAng Zhen, Tangshan Shi
This unit was an overview of the future tenses in English (future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and 'going to' future) as well as a few present tenses that express future ideas (present simple and present continuous)
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Teach English in Caitingqiao Zhen, Tangshan Shi
What I've learned from this unit is what are the traits that make a good teacher and what traits a good student will have which is both extremely beneficial to be aware of when I'll be teaching a class
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Teach English in ChenjiApu XiAng, Tangshan Shi
From Unit 5 I have learned how to make a simple yet very helpful class/lesson plan, why this is important and how to make it practical for the teacher and for the students
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Teach English in Dali Jiedao, Tangshan Shi
This unit looked in detail at the learning process from initial engagement with the student, to the student's attainment of the lesson's desired learning outcome
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Teach English in Daodi Zhen, Tangshan Shi
This unit covered materials and how to select them for your class, It worked on teaching us the benefits of authentic versus non authentic sources and also talked about how books can harm and help
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