Teach English in Hegang Shi

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Teach English in Baoquanling Nongchang, Hegang Shi
This unit covered what makes a good teacher, what makes a good learner, the types of teachers there are, The roles that a teacher will have, the levels of learning a student can or will be at and why students are motivated to learn English
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Teach English in erjiu Nongchang, Hegang Shi
I have learned that when preparing materials to teach students it is important to be prepared but also be flexible during class time a teacher can?t predict everything that might happen in a class
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Teach English in Gongrencun Jiedao, Hegang Shi
While I came in with some knowledge about the role of the teacher, I found it pleasant to read about the role of the student and how each one can differ in terms of learning experience, motivation, life experience, etc
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Teach English in Gounan Jiedao, Hegang Shi
When preparing to teach a class it's best to have all the necessary work already planned out and put on the board if needed, this will reduce the time with your back facing your students
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Teach English in Hongqi XiAng, Hegang Shi
In the last unit, I learn about troubleshooting the common problem situations teachers would face like handling a classroom that has different level students, handling large classes, handling cases of monolingual classes and the use of the student?s native language, handling reluctant students to participate etc
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