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Teach English in BishAn Qu, Chongqing
Words Matter The Importance of Teaching VocabularyWhile the Merriam-Webster dictionary may define ?vocabulary? in terms of a list or collection of words a person knows, language teachers know that there is much more involved in teaching vocabulary than simple word recognition
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Teach English in BishAn Zhen, Chongqing
The difference betweeen teaching one to one and groups In recent years the EFL industry has seen a significant increase in demand for the one-to- one English lesson, particularly in the international business world
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Teach English in CaijiA Zhen, Chongqing
Teaching vocabularyWhen teaching vocabularies to students, I believe that the teacher should not teach the way vocabularies the way I was taught in school
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Teach English in Caiyuanba Jiedao, Chongqing
As a non-native english speaker, I have learned a great deal about the english language and how I can teach more effectively using various teaching skills that I learned throughout this course
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Teach English in Caotang Zhen, Chongqing
Motivation in the classroomMost people would agree that motivation is a crucial factor and component of learning and developing any new skill whether it is a new job, new knowledge, or a physical skill set
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Teach English in Changgui XiAng, Chongqing
I have personally gained a lot about teaching english from this course that I have already been able to put to good use in my job as a Corporate english Trainer
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Teach English in ChangtAn XiAng, Chongqing
I've learned that there are far more aspects to grammar than I ever remember learning in grade school :) I've been given a wonderful variety of useful resources that I can continue coming back to even once I've started teaching
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Teach English in ChAngyuan Jiedao, Chongqing
Throughout this course I find that I have gained a detailed knowledge of tenses, grammar, language points, teaching techniques, material resources, and many helpful ideas
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Teach English in Chaoyang Zhen, Chongqing
Throughout this course I have definitely gained a more in depth understanding of the english language learner and many new ways to help my future students
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