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Teach English in Guangpu Zhen, Chongqing
Building confidence in studentsMy mother has gone to several English Institutes throughout her life, but she still feels unable to communicate in English
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Teach English in Guangxing Zhen, Chongqing
young learners vs Adults When teaching any subject, it?s important to understand that the age of the students in the classroom will make a significant difference in how they go about learning
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Teach English in Guangyang Zhen, Chongqing
At first I thought teaching would be an easy task but this course has definitely given me an insight on how wrong I was about that and how challenging and time consuming teaching is
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Teach English in GuAnmian XiAng, Chongqing
Building Confidence in StudentsDuring my independent research I have identified a few areas that I believe can build confidence in students when teaching English as a foreign language
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Teach English in GuAnqing XiAng, Chongqing
From this course I've mainly learned that I have made quite a bit of progress in being aware of my native language and how to communicate its patterns, nuances, and components, yet there is quite a lot still to learn about it
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Teach English in GuAnzhou XiAng, Chongqing
Grammar: Understanding and explaining english sentence structure Lesson planning: Creating effective lesson plans ESL practices: Methodologies of ESL teaching Classroom Management: Establishing an optimum learning environment Language Elements: Teaching elements of language such as vocabulary, usage, pronunciation, and function Teaching receptive and productive skills Authentic and Created materials Evaluation Types of learners and environments The grammar sections provided a good reminder of the aspects that may be taught in the classroom
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Teach English in GuchAng Zhen, Chongqing
I feel I am better equipped to explain and teach grammar points regarding verb tenses, as a native english speaker it is something we take for granted and now I feel prepared with techniques and better understanding to teach these points
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Teach English in Guilin Jiedao, Chongqing
The most important aspects for me where: - Refreshing, completing and formalizing my knowledge of english grammar - Gaining an understanding of the different aspects of teaching a language to students, and the importance of balancing those different aspects - Learning formalized structures on how to develop a lesson plan - Obtaining a brief overview of games/activities/exercises that can be used to teach students in an interesting way while giving students plenty opportunity to converse Hence my aim will be to create lesson plans that balance grammar, vocabulary, and conversation, in a fun and exciting way
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Teach English in Gulong Zhen, Chongqing
Increasing Teacher ConfidenceIn any setting speaking in front of an audience can be a very stressful and uncomfortable, however a teacher is forced to come face-to-face with this challenge everyday they stand in front of their class
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Teach English in Gulu Zhen, Chongqing
It has been a while back since I have studied english myself, the course has helped me review on some basic components of the language and its construction
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Teach English in Gunan Jiedao, Chongqing
Although english is my native language, I learned english is very complicated and that teaching needs to be preplanned, structured, and interesting
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Teach English in Guoliang Zhen, Chongqing
TEFL online vs onsiteIn this research article, we are going to look into the differences between online tefl course and onsite tefl course, by comparing different areas of pros and cons of online Vs onsite tefl course
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