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Teach English in DianjiAng Xian, Chongqing
Teaching EFL in KindergartenI chose to write on the benefits and challenges of teaching EFL in a Kindergarten classroom because this is an age I have experience working with
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Teach English in Dianshui Jiedao, Chongqing
From this course, I've learned a great deal about not only the importance of why teachers must understand how to teach ESL/EFL, but also what to expect in a lesson, and how to be prepared for each lesson
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Teach English in Dongcheng Jiedao, Chongqing
I have gained a more thorough and precise knowledge of grammar which, although still rudimentary, should help me pay closer attention to the way english sentences are formed
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Teach English in DongjiA Zhen, Chongqing
Learning modes young learners vs Adults When teaching English, or any subject, teachers have to take into account whether they are teaching young learners or adults
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Teach English in Dongyang Jiedao, Chongqing
Teacher self analysisTeacher self analysis has been defined in one article as ?the process of self examination for the purpose of instructional self-improvement?
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Teach English in Dudu XiAng, Chongqing
How Teachers Can Increase Their Confidence in the ClassroomI have chosen this topic as it relates to my position as a manager at an English institute in South korea
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Teach English in Dunren Jiedao, Chongqing
Teaching EFL in a KindergartenTeaching young children is one of the most wonderful experiences a teacher can ever have, because little kids learn naturally, they are highly motivated and open to more learning
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