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Teach English in ChashAn Zzhuhai Jiedao, Chongqing
What I have gained: I have first of all learned a methodology for teaching english as a foreign language that seems very practical and effective and I?ve got a lot of practice in making lesson plans and thinking practical around the implementation of this methodology and conducting of english lessons and english courses
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Teach English in ChengxiZhen, Chongqing
British vs American EnglishI?m hoping to give you some information about why, how, where there are differences between British and American English
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Teach English in Ciyun Zhen, Chongqing
Cultural Sensitivity in the Classroom Cultural sensitivity is integral to a foreign language teacher?s understanding of the students they are teaching
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Teach English in Cuiyun Jiedao, Chongqing
Ive certainly learnt a lot more english then when I was at school! This course has opened my eyes and made me realise how much I take the english language for granted
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Teach English in CuntAn Jiedao, Chongqing
Phonetics and PhonologyPrefixes are bound morphemes, elements that have no meaning in isolation but are attached to the front of other words to form new words
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Teach English in Dade Zhen, Chongqing
Multiple intelligencesPeople, by nature are skilled in different areas, have a preference for working in a particular way or seem to have a natural ability in certain areas
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