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Lesson PlanningLesson Plan can be designed for programs lasting a day, a week, or several hours. If training takes place over several days, a separate lesson plan is prepared for each day. A detailed lesson plan translates the content and sequence of training activities into a guide that helps teacher to deliver the training. Administrative details are also identified in the lesson plan. Table 1.1(refer Appendix) shows a sample of a lesson plan. The lesson plan provides a table of contents for the training activity. This helps to ensure that training activities are consistent regardless of the teacher. lesson plans also help to ensure that both the student and teacher are aware of the course and program objectives. As lesson plans are documented, they can also be shared with the school administrators or academic director in order for them to evaluate what the teacher has done. lesson plans also be a source of record for future references as well as a reminder to teacher on where he has stopped and where to continue. An effective lesson plan includes the course title, learning objective, topics to be covered, target audience, time of session, instructor activity (what the instructor will do during the session), learner activity and any prerequisites. In developing the lesson outline, teachers need to consider the proper sequencing of topics. Teacher must answer questions such as ?What knowledge and skills need to be learned first??; ?How should I position my various activities??; ?Should I use a boomerang or a patchwork lesson plan? Or should I stick to a traditional ESA style? As for target audience, teacher should know the operating level of the students before introducing the appropriate activities. For a class of varying language abilities, the lesson plan can help teacher to plan out the targeted activities for different groups. It would be assumed that teacher has already done some form of need assessment of his students before writing the lesson plan. Support materials include any teaching aid and equipment needed for lesson delivery such as computers, DVDs, CDs, video players or projectors etc. Teachers should work with the administrators to arrange for the purchase of any flipcharts, markers, and stationery that may be used in instruction. Any exercises needed for students? practice or preparation, such as readings, role play exercises or assessments need to be ordered or reproduced. In considering teacher and student activity, the focus should be on ensuring that the lesson has many features of a positive learning process as possible, including communication of objectives, feedback, opportunities for students to share experiences and ask questions, and modeling or demonstration. Because the lesson objective involves having students successfully demonstrate the key behaviors, meeting this objective requires that students both understand the key behaviors and practice using them. students in the session are involved in both passive learning (listening) and active learning (discussions, role play exercises). The benefits of having a lesson plan have been well-explained in the above paragraph. For teacher, the process of planning out a lesson plan enables him/her to analyze what are the necessary elements to be factored into the classroom environment in order for learning to take place. In other words, teacher who indulges in lesson planning optimizes the chance of sharpening his teaching skills.