Teach English in Dongcheng Jiedao - Chongqing

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I have gained a more thorough and precise knowledge of grammar which, although still rudimentary, should help me pay closer attention to the way english sentences are formed. I have learned many different ways that students and teachers interact, and how to guide students in class without being overbearing. I have a new appreciation for the amount of behind-the-scenes planning goes on in TEFL, and for how much of the complexities of english are concealed from students during most stages of the learning process. Most of all, I have a clearer idea of how to plan a class in a balanced and orderly way. I intend to put this information into action primarily through individual english tutoring in Beijing, China. I intend to use many of the planning techniques and resources recommended, and the advice for finding and designing course material should be particularly useful. Although much of this course was oriented toward teaching larger groups, most of the principles of planning still apply.